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El “Cuerpo sin órganos” como máquina de guerra: Espacio, línea de fuga y desestratificación, una re-lectura de Deleuze

Keywords: Cuerpo sin órganos , organismo , desestratificación , espacio liso , intensidades , ética , estética , Body without organs , organism , desestratification , smooth space , intensities , ethics , aesthetics

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This paper is the result of an approach to the plateau How to become a body without organs? Proposal in A Thousand Plateaus. Here Deleuze and Guattari erected a map of the body and social stratification by research on the ways the body as ordered individually through various practices and decisions that determine for each area to act certain ways. My hypothesis is that reading this way of conceiving the body makes possible a kind of ethics of prudence, as line of escape, allow the existence re-established the power play.


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