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En torno a la existencia de una Estética nietzscheana; del arte como expresión superior de la “voluntad de poder” en Heidegger

Keywords: Nietzsche , art , aesthetics , disinterest , Kant , Heidegger

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Beggining with a strange statement found in The Birth of Tragedy, this paper analyses different aspects of the nietzschean approach to the kantian principle of disinterest. This leading thread allows us to think, on one hand, about the complex relation that Nietzsche had with the kantian philosophy, and on the other, the difficulty of thinking about the nietzschean thoughts about arts within the bounderies of aesthetics as a separate philosophical discipline. With that in mind, we aim to have a confrontation with Heidegger’s interpretation of these subjects, in a way that will allow us to determine with more accuracy the problem of the existance or non existance of such thing as a nietzschean aesthetics.


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