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Jacques Derrida: Huella e Inscripción en el origen del sentido

Keywords: Derrida , Huella , Inscripción , Deconstrucción , Origen , Sentido Keywords , Derrida - Footprint , Registration , Deconstruction , Origin , Meaning

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The text proposes, surrounding Jacques Derrida, a disquisition on the notions of trace and inscription that make up, with slackening structure, a radical questioning of the metaphysical concepts of origin and full sense. Prior to any determination of intelligible or sensible plenitude, audible or visible, phonic or graphic, beyond the distinction of "ideality chained" and the "ideality free", these notions of trace and inscription, indicating the material constitution of ideal objects, disrupt, then, the phoné-sense significant relationship governed by the question of the presence, in an infinite referral to giving thought the sense in terms of possible sense and not as significant.


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