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Foucault: Microfísica del poder y constitución de la subjetividad; discurso-acontecimiento y poder-producción

Keywords: Knowledge , archeology , genealogy , biopower , anthropotechnics

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After Nietzschean genealogical the footprint, which certainly is inscribed Foucault, seeks review the meaning and validity of this epistemological approach. As can be seen in the overall transit Foucault's work, the author goes from the archeology of knowledge to the genealogy of power, focusing on the relationship of co-dependency between knowledge and power than it takes to get into the anthropological concern and biopolitics of human beings. In this approach is the transformation of the plot power-knowledge-which give rise to what in fact - would call itself as biopolitics. Anthropological-historical perspective is shared by Sloterdijk recently from his investigations on the constitution of the human antropotécnica. For these reasons, the present article aims at describing shared features between the historical-anthropological conception of the human relationship with Foucault and Sloterdijk. Both authors share firstly Nietzschean influence and concern to establish certain relationships between the power-knowledge-subject at different times of the evolution of societies.


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