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Composite Table Algorithm - A Powerful Hybrid Pinch Targeting Method for Various Problems in Water Integration

DOI: 10.7763/ijcea.2013.v4.300

Keywords: Pinch analysis , pure utility , targeting , water minimization

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Water management has become a very vital issue due to stringent environmental regulations and rising cost of water resources. Pinch analysis provides a conceptual approach for water network synthesis. Targeting is the first stage in most pinch analysis techniques to provide the baseline for detailed water network design. Although Water Cascade Analysis and Material Recovery Pinch Diagram methods have been developed to handle diverse water network problems, Composite Table Algorithm (CTA) is another water pinch targeting tool with its unique combination of both numerical and graphical characteristics. CTA was originally developed for fixed flow rate problems. In this work, the applicability of CTA for various water network problems such as fixed load, mixed fixed load and fixed flow rate, multiple pinch, and threshold problem is discussed. To facilitate, the approach has been programed in MATLAB and results obtained are validated by comparing with literature.


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