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Starring the physiotherapist in the comprehensive health of pregnant

Keywords: Pregnant woman , physical therapy specialty , musculoskeletal pain , pelvic floor disorders , urinary incontinence.

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Increasingly frequent settlement demand by pregnant women as urinary incontinence problems or musculoskeletal pain suffered during this period, which they should continue with their work life as long as possible, so that calls for quality of care often is not.Therefore, to think today, that the role of physiotherapy before the pregnant woman is prepared by learning some exercises at partum, is to limit the intervention of the therapist as an integral member of a multidisciplinary team that can do a job well as preventive care and education in a program of comprehensive health care for women. In this vital stage where they need a progressive and constant adaptation to physiological and anatomical changes throughout pregnancy.The purpose of this protocol is to facilitate the performance of the physiotherapist to prevent and treat musculoskeletal problems like incontinence both, which may occur in the gestational period and cause serious disorders permanently even at the mother.Following these rules will contribute to raising awareness of women to adopt safe practices and postures to prevent back and pelvic pain, learning exercises to relieve these pains if they occur, strengthen the pelvic floor to prevent urinary incontinence and therapeutic measures posture at the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome and other problems such as cramps, vascular and joint instability.


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