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A Review on Pulp Manufacture from Non Wood Plant Materials

DOI: 10.7763/ijcea.2013.v4.281

Keywords: Non-wood materials , pulp and paper , Uganda , waste grass

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There has been a cyclic trend in the production of pulp and paper, alternating between the non-wood and the wood materials. Originally paper wasbeing made from nonwood materials such as papyrus, hemp and textile rags. With the development of technologies for isolating pulp from wood, it resulted in abandoning paper making from many non-wood materials. Since then, it has been cheaper to produce pulp and paper from wood. However, todate the trend is reversing from wood as the major source of pulp for paper making to nonwood materials such as agricultural food crop residues, grasses, shed tree leaves, fibrous shells of fruits and others. This is due to the fact that the supply of wood for pulp is decreasing as a result of deforestation in most part of world, more especially in Uganda while the non-wood materials are more available and can readily be regenerated after a short period.In this paper we have reviewed the trend in pulp and paper production from different non-wood materials since the perception of the paper making technology up todate through literature review and consultations with experts in the area pulp and paper production.


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