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Assessment of environmental gamma dose in northern Rechna Doab in Pakistan

DOI: 10.2298/ntrp0901056j

Keywords: environmental radiation , gamma radiation , radiation monitoring , gamma dose , Rechna Doab

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Environmental gamma radiation levels in northern Rechna Doab, Pakistan, were measured as a part of systematic study aimed at the establishment of the background data base of radiation and radioactivity levels. The measurements reported in this paper were made with portable radiation monitor which employed GM tube and was calibrated against secondary standard dosimetry system. The average absorbed dose rate in air was determined to vary from 86.0 nGy/h to 139.1 nGy/h with the mean value of 109.1 nGy/h. The annual effective dose remained within the range of 105.47 mSv to 170.54 mSv with its average value of 133.73 mSv. These environmental radiation doses in the area were comparable with those reported for other countries. It was concluded that the prevalent radiation levels did not pose any significant radiological health hazard to the population.


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