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Nucleus  2008 


Keywords: science. Educational technology. Classroom. Social Representations.-Informática. Tecnologia Educacional. Sala de aula. Representa es Sociais.

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The present study aims to investigate and to analyze how the insertion of computers in schoolis done, and how teachers conceive the use of this technology. As theoretical references, this work searches astheoretical basis Pierre Lévy and Serge Moscovici′s studies. Qualitative research guides this inquiry realizedin three schools of the interior of the state of S o Paulo. As procedures of data collection, half-structuralizedquestionnaires and class comments were used, typing to identify possible factors that may interfere in the useof computer science in classroom, as well as the conceptions of the own teachers about this subject. Relatingobserved conceptions, reflections and pedagogical practices, it was possible to establish the follow categories:1) Use of computer as instrument of practical support to pedagogical one; 2) Use of computer as minimizer ofstudents′ digital exclusion; 3) Teachers versus technological ability and, 4) Computers as pertaining to schooladornments. These different conceptions contribute to the discussion about the determinant factors in the processesof teaching and learning and in the digital inclusion: effective pedagogical intervention, the role of school as ateaching institution and the effective participation of school community and of the own teachers. This investigationintends to contribute, bringing information and questionings that take the teacher to reflect on its praxis and on itsimportance as responsible for the use of computer as a partner in its pedagogical work.presente estudo tem como objetivo investigar e analisar como está se efetivando a inser o doscomputadores nas escolas e como os docentes concebem o uso desta tecnologia. Como referenciais teóricos,esta pesquisa busca fundamentos nos estudos de Pierre Lévy e Serge Moscovici. A pesquisa qualitativa norteiaesta investiga o realizada em três escolas do interior do estado de S o Paulo. Como procedimentos de coleta dedados, foram utilizados questionários semi-estruturados e observa es de aulas, visando a identificar os possíveisfatores que podem interferir na utiliza o da informática em sala de aula, bem como as concep es das própriasdocentes sobre o tema. Relacionando as concep es, reflex es e práticas pedagógicas observadas, foi possívelestabelecer as seguintes categorias: 1) Uso do computador como instrumento de apoio à prática pedagógica;2) Uso do computador como minimizador da exclus o digital dos discentes; 3) Docentes versus competênciatecnológica e 4) Computadores como elementos de decora o nas escolas. Estas diferentes concep es contribuempara a


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