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Preprandial ghrelin is not affected by macronutrient intake, energy intake or energy expenditure

DOI: 10.1186/1477-5751-4-2

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Preprandial ghrelin concentrations were not affected by macronutrient intake, energy expenditure or energy intake (all P > 0.05). In turn, daily energy intake was significantly influenced by energy expenditure, but not ghrelin.Preprandial ghrelin does not appear to be influenced by macronutrient composition, energy intake, or energy expenditure. Similarly, ghrelin does not appear to affect acute or chronic energy intake under free-living conditions.Ghrelin, a peptide secreted by endocrine cells in the gastrointestinal tract, is thought to play a significant role in the regulation of energy balance due to its effects on the stimulation of food intake [1,2] and weight gain [1-3] in rodents. It has been suggested that ghrelin may also play a role in meal initiation in humans, since the concentration of ghrelin increases immediately prior to a meal [4] and decreases after eating [4-6]. Furthermore, ghrelin infusions are associated with feelings of hunger and increased energy intake during a buffet-style lunch [7].Despite the evidence indicating a role in acute food intake, little is known about the factors regulating ghrelin and its effects on long-term energy balance in humans. One hypothesis is that ghrelin secretion is up-regulated in periods of negative energy balance and down-regulated in periods of positive energy balance [8]. Since energy balance is a function of both energy intake and expenditure, ghrelin concentrations should increase or decrease with fluctuations in food intake (macronutrient composition and/or energy intake) and/or energy expenditure. In turn, increased ghrelin concentrations should be associated with higher food intake. However, the effects of daily fluctuations in food intake and energy expenditure on ghrelin have not been investigated in humans.The purpose of the present study was to determine how changes in macronutrient composition, energy intake, and energy expenditure affect preprandial ghrelin concentrations, and ghrelin's subsequent


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