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Variation and distribution of some cultivated Triticeae and associated weeds collected in Romania

Keywords: Romania , Secale , Avena , Agropyron , Secondary crop evolution , Germplasm resources , Bromus , Panicum , Lolium , Japan , Triticum , Domestication , Hordeum

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Based on the "Preliminary report of comparative studies on the Agrico-Pastoral People in the South Western Eurasia", the results obtained by the research group from the Plant Germplasm Institute, Fac. Agr., Kyoto University are briefly presented. Collections and preliminary evaluations were made on Triticum monococcum, T. aestivum, Hordeum vulgare, Secale cereale, Avena sativa, Panicum milliaceum, Agropyron ssp., and weeds (Bromus secalinus, Lolium temulentum) associated with grain fields.


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