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Taxonomic Relationships of Some Taxa of Subfamily Asclepiadoideae (Apocynaceae) as Reflected by Morphological Variations and Polymorphism in Seed Protein and RAPD Electrophoretic Profile

Keywords: Apocynaceae , Taxonomy , RAPD-PCR , Asclepiadoideae , Asclepiadaceae , Seed protein electrophoresis

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Taxonomic status of some members of the subfamily Asclepiadoideae (Apocynaceae) was analysed using variation of morphological features, seed protein electrophoretic pattern and molecular RAPD-PCR markers. The relationships between the examined taxa have been expressed as UPGMA trees, based on the coefficient of similarity using the NTSYS-pc software program. In all trees, the species of tribe Ceropegieae have been delimited together as one group from another major group that comprises species of tribe Asclepiadeae. The present work supports the earlier classification that transferred the genus Ceropegia from subtribe Stapeliinae to subtribe Ceropegiinae. The delimitation of species of tribe Asclepiadeae in four groups supports their previous subtribal delimitation.


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