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Keywords: commercial banks , banking reform , The National Bank of Romania , development perspectives

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The way crossed by the Romanian banking system until the present time is one governed by profound reforms which have been made in regards to the European Union. The strategies embraced by Romanian banks, in 1990 and until the present time, are meant to develop and to improve the performances so that they can compete with European banks and they can respond in an efficient manner to the customersa€ needs. The purpose of this paper is to underline the main stages of evolution of the Romanian banking system since 1990 and to lay emphasize the perspectives on its evolution in the context of the actual economic crisis. By going through the stages previously mentioned in this paper , we can see that the Romanian banking system evolved positively, from the moment of the transition to the market economy, but in order for it to be functional and to contribute to the development of the economy as a whole, aspects related to the the supervision of the financial stability should be taken into consideration and in order to assure the stability of the financial system, the increase of the administrative capacity of the Central Bank should be considered, as well as balancing the structure of the creditation process, on coins, the improvement of the banking assetsa€ quality, the qualitative study of the NBRa€ s surveillance process, managing the contagion risk, etc. In order to achieve these objectives, the documentation by the investigation of a significant volume of works has been done, by scientifically acknowledged publications, analysis being applied, by deduction method and a significant volume of quantitative information was submitted to professional judgment. Concerns regarding this subject have been found in various paper works and in specialized books. We mention here the doctoral thesis of Elena Teodorescu Georgescu a€ The evaluation pattern of credit institutionsa€ prudential surveillance efficacya€ , the author of this work David Delia, with the work a€ Contributions regarding the improvement of the banking accountancy dealing with credits granted to non-financial clientsa€ and so on. An outstanding attention payed to this subject was the one of the governor of the National Bank of Romania, Mugur Isarescu, who issued a series of articles and books on this subject. Also, Silviu Cerna, Aurelian Paul Berea, Vasile Dedu, Nicolae Danila approached in their books the problem regarding the evolution of the Romanian banking system. The National Bank of Romania offers to its users, information regarding the evolution of the banking industry through the Reports


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