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On Nonexistence of Magnetic Monopoles: Deflection of Magnetic Needle in Static Electric Field of Electric Dipole Implies No Magnetic Field in the Universe

DOI: 10.7763/ijapm.2013.v3.187

Keywords: Electric dipole , magnetic monopoles , Maxwell’s equations , static asymmetric electric force , static magnetic force

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Motion of electrical charged particle in static curled electric field is studied. The electric field exerts asymmetric electric force which forces the particle to follow a curved path. Like in magnetic fields, the path is determined by instantaneous velocity of the particle and the field properties. This way, it shows a resemblance between the asymmetric electric force exerted in static curled electric field and the formal magnetic force exerted in static magnetic field. This resemblance permits to deflect a magnetic needle in static electric field, having non-zero curl, of an electric dipole. It implies the true nature of static magnetic force is static asymmetric electric force and the true nature of static magnetic field is static curled electric field. It provides answer to the question, why the magnetic monopoles are absent in the universe


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