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Comparative Study of the Body Weight and Body Conformations of Two Broiler Strains Under the Same Dietary Condition

Keywords: Body conformations , body weight , broiler strains , dietary condition

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This study is aimed at comparing the two important economic traits (body weight and conformations) of Hubbard and Arboracre commercial broiler chickens treated under the same dietary and environmental conditions. A total of two hundred broiler strains comprising of 100 Hubbard and 100 Arboracre strain were used in the comparative evaluation of their body weight and body conformation from day old to 8 weeks of age. Body weight were taken on weekly basis while linear body measurement like shank length, breast width, back length, neck, thigh length and keel length were taken three times a week. Hubbard broiler strain had the body weight of 0.298±0.0287, 1.0083±0.0123, 2.063±0.0219 and 3.079±0.02J kg while Arboracre strain attain the body weight of 0.2603±0.0587, 0.8125±0.0185, 1.7100±0.0287 and 2.604±0.0219 kg, respectively all at 2.46 and 8 weeks of age. The linear body measurements of Hubbard strain were significantly higher than that of Arborace strain (p<0.05) at 8 weeks of age for all parameters studied. Hubbard broiler strain showed superiority in growth assessment of body weight and linear body measurements in the 0-56 days stuffy period.


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