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Variant course of left gonadal artery

Keywords: testicular artery , variations , abberrant gonadal artery , varicocoele , arched gonadal artery

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The variations of the arteries that develop from the mesonephric arteries, including renal, gonadal and suprarenal arteries are common. Variations in the anatomical relationship of the gonadal arteries to the renal vessels are frequently reported. We here present a case of an unusual origin and course of a left testicular artery arching over left renal vein. The arching of the left testicular artery over the left renal vein could be a possible cause of the left renal vein compression. Therefore, knowledge of the possible existence of arching gonadal vessels in relation to the renal vein could be of paramount importance to vascular surgeons and urologists during surgery in the retroperitoneal region.


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