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Active Power Compensation in the Interconnected Power System by Using Doubly Fed Induction Generator Based on Wind Turbine

Keywords: Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) , Pulse width modulation (PWM) , Rotor side converter (RSC) , Grid side converter (GSC)

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The active power compensation has become the major concern for the power system engineers. A small change in the active power flow gives negative impact on the entire power system parameters. As the electrical power system is the most complex man made structure, hence, it’s tough to maintain consistency though out the system, all day. To make the system stable proper monitoring is required or sometimes an auxiliary system can also be a good option, which can support the primary system during undesirable conditions. The recent developments indicate, for the electric power generation, wind energy forms are being utilized in a big way. These wind farms are not only playing vital role for the energy production but also contributing for the regulation of active and reactive power flow on the grid. This paper presents active power compensation of the grid with the help of Doubly Fed Induction Generator based on Wind Turbine. In this process, two converters are connected back to back, which are known as rotor side converter and grid side converter, have been used and the controlling of stator and rotor current can be achieved by the proper functioning of these two converters.


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