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An Efficient Algorithm for Resource Allocation in Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems

Keywords: grid computing , resource management , load balancing , performance evaluation , queuing theory , simulation models (key words)

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Resource allocation in heterogeneous parallel and distributed computing systems is the process of allocating user tasks to processing elements for execution such that some performance objective is optimized. In this paper, a new resource allocation algorithm for the computing grid environment is proposed. It takes into account the heterogeneity of the computational resources. It resolves the single point of failure problem which many of the current algorithms suffer from. In this algorithm, any site manager receives two kinds of tasks namely, remote tasks arriving from its associated local grid manager, and local tasks submitted directly to the site manager by local users in its domain. It allocates the grid workload based on the resources occupation ratio and the communication cost. The grid overall mean task response time is considered as the main performance metric that need to be minimized. The simulation results show that the proposed resource allocation algorithm improves the grid overall mean task response time. (Abstract)


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