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Magnetic Field Effect on the Electrical Parameters of a Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Cell

Keywords: Electrical parameters , frequency modulation , magnetic field , polycrystalline silicon

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In this study, we present a theoretical 3D study of a polycrystalline silicon solar cell in frequency modulation under polychromatic illumination and applied magnetic field. The influence of the applied magnetic field on the diode current density Jd, the both electric power-photovoltage and photocurrent-photovoltage characteristics are discussed. Nyquist diagram permitted to determine the electrical parameters such as series resistance Rs and parallel equivalent resistance Rp of a polycrystalline silicon solar cell. Bode diagram is then used to calculate the cut-off frequency, the capacitance C and inductance L. It has been shown that, under magnetic field, the solar cell behavior is like a low-pass filter.


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