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Treatment of bronchial airway obstruction using a rotating tip microdebrider: a case report

DOI: 10.1186/1749-8090-2-16

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We report a case a 59-yr-old male with T3N2M1 non-small cell lung cancer with malignant distal left mainstem obstruction treated successfully with a novel elongated rotating tip microdebrider via rigid bronchoscopy with sufficient length to reach distal bronchial lesions.The microdebrider is an excellent addition to the spectrum of interventions available for the management of central airway obstruction with advantages including accuracy and immediate removal of debris without a need for separate suctioning or limitation in oxygenation.The microdebrider is a recent addition to the armeratarium available to the interventional bronchoscopist for central airway occlusion, following the successful application of laryngeal microdebriders for over a decade [1-3]. However, limitations of the microdebrider include maneuverability and length (37 cms) which limits use to the trachea and proximal main-stem bronchi. We report a case of malignant distal left main-stem obstruction treated with a new elongated rotating tip microdebrider (45 cms) via rigid bronchoscopy with sufficient length to reach distal bronchial lesions.A 53-yr-old male with T3N2M1 non-small cell left upper lobe lung cancer with bilateral brain metastases diagnosed one-month prior was referred for management of dyspnea and hemoptysis. The patient had noted a dramatic increase in dyspnea over the prior 3 days. Past medical history was unremarkable and he had a negative smoking history.Physical exam revealed reduced breath sounds in the left lower zone. Chest x-ray demonstrated a left hilar mass with loss of volume and post obstructive pneumonia in the left lower lobe (Figure 1a). Axial Computed tomography (CT) angiogram of the chest also revealed multiple segmental and subsegmental pulmonary emboli and the patient was admitted for anticoagulation with low molecular weight heparin (enoxaparin). The CT study also confirmed total occlusion of the left mainstem bronchus by a tumor invading from the left hilum (Figu


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