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Formulation Development and Evaluation of Bi-Layer Tablet Containing Acetaminophen and Aceclofenac Layer by Solid Dispersion Technique

Keywords: Acetaminophen , Aceclofenac , bi layer tablet , dissolution comparison

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The objective of the study was to formulate bilayer tablets consisting of Acetaminophen and aceclofenacfor immediate drug release. Bilayer tablets were prepared by using granules of Acetaminophen and soliddispersion of aceclofenac. Granules of Acetaminophen were prepared by wet granulation technique byusing sodium starch glycolate (SSG) as super disintegrant, and sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) used assurfactants to promote drug release in solid dispersion of aceclofenac. Bilayer tablets were evaluated forhardness, friability, weight variation, thickness and drug content uniformity and subjected to in vitrodrug release studies. The amount of Acetaminophen and aceclofenac released at different time intervalswere estimated by HPLC method. The bilayer tablets showed no significant change either in physicalappearance, drug content or in dissolution pattern after storing at 40 °C/75% relative humidity (RH) for3 months. Dissolution results of the entire tablet were analyzed with dissolution efficiency (% DE).These results indicated that release of the drug from the tablet was increased by content of superdisintegrants and surfactants in solid dispersion technique.


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