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Technical Analysis on Mechanical Model Based Football Curveball

Keywords: Mechanical model , simulation trajectory , the curveball

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Exercise load research that test heart rate of 13 athletes from the men's hockey team in Tianjin test who wear sun to Team Edition game state, the subjects in the game state in different time periods, different locations athletes, and high-strength heart rate load characteristics of the technical and tactical behavior. Research shows that, quantification of a hockey player in the first half, the second half of the game and the time period in which the total race time, pure competition time and intermittent time heart rate load index, as well as the game preparation and intermission non competition time heart rate load index. Through the comparison can know that the game time heart rate load significantly higher than playing time of heart rate load; Pure game heart rate load is obviously higher than that of the total playing time and intermittent playing time heart rate load; different position player heart rate are different , avant-garde athletes are the highest, the second highest defenders, forward players minimum; Quantify and analyze the behavior of high strength load game which game center is higher than 180 b/min.


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