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Induction of somatic embryogenesis in different varieties of sugarcane (Saccharam officinarum L.)

Keywords: Belgaum , clonal propagation , Karnataka , leaf tissue , somatic embryogenesis

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This investigation for the first time highlights TDZ induced callus formation, somaticembryogenesis and plant regeneration using leaf explants of different varieties (Co94032,CoC671, Co86032, SNK754, SNK61 and SNK44) of sugarcane (Saccharam officinarum). Leafexplants cultured on the full strength inorganic salts Murashige and Skoog (1962) basalmedium supplemented with 4.52 μM 2, 4-D and 4.54 μM TDZ induced embryogenic tissueafter 3-4 weeks. The percentage of somatic embryogenesis was not similar in all the testedvarieties of sugarcane. This study indicates a high embryogenic potential of leaf explants oftested sugarcane varieties, and also opened up the possibility for large-scale clonalpropagation of sugarcane for the genetic improvement programmes.


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