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ZooKeys  2013 

A new non-naked species of Ptychostomella (Gastrotricha) from Brazil

DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.289.4683

Keywords: Gastrotrichs , Brazil , S o Paulo , meiofauna , biodiversity , taxonomy , new species , key

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A new species of marine Gastrotricha from Brazil is described and discussed. Ptychostomella lamelliphora sp. n. is one of the several new taxa that were found during an extensive survey of the gastrotrich fauna carried out in 2002 and 2003 along the coastline of the State of S o Paulo. The new species is unique in that it possesses cuticular ornamentations in the form of plate-like structures (scales) along the lateral borders of the body and two massive clusters of densely packed adhesive tubes on the ventral surface, near the ano-genital opening. Both these features appear to be adaptations to challenge the high energy waters that characterize the species’ microhabitat: the coarse sublittoral sand in the channel between the mainland and the largest island in the State, Ihlabela. Additionally, a key to the described Ptychostomella species of the world is provided.


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