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In vitro propagation of an epiphytic and rare orchid Eria bambusifolia Lindl.

Keywords: culture media , Eria bambusifolia , phytohormones , protocorms , seed germination

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Orchids seeds are minute, unique lacking storage tissues and they are marveled fortheir mystic shapes and colour for centuries. Asymbiotic seed germination opened up newavenues in rescuing of orchids from their wild population. In the present study, an epiphyticand rare orchid Eria bambusifolia seeds were germinated in two different Knudson (KC) andMurashige and Skoog’s (MS) medium. Higher germination percentage was noted in MSmedium so it was selected for further studies. The MS medium was nourished with differentphytohormones and NAA at 2 mg/l was found to enhance shoot and root length. The rootedseedlings were acclimatized successfully.


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