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ZooKeys  2013 

Hispaniolan Hemilophini (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae)

DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.258.4391

Keywords: Longhorned woodborers , Hispaniola , Haiti , Dominican Republic , endemic , Batesian mimicry

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The Tribe Hemilophini (Lamiinae) is reviewed for Hispaniola and an identification key is provided. Fifteen species are now known from the island, including one new species of Adesmus (A. fortunei from Pedernales and La Vega Provinces, Dominican Republic), one new species of Oedudes (O. anulatus from Peravia and La Vega Provinces, Dominican Republic), and five new species of Calocosmus (C. contortus from San Cristóbal Province, C. punctatus from Peravia Province, C. rawlinsi from Elías Pi a Province, C. robustus from La Vega Province, and C. thonalmus from La Altagracia Province, all in the Dominican Republic). Oedudes and Adesmus are new island and country records for Hispaniola and Dominican Republic, respectively. Calocosmus holosericeus Gahan is a new synonym of Calocosmus janus Bates. In addition to the new species, five new country records and four new island records are presented for Calocosmus.


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