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Teachers’ Views on the Applicability of the Constructivist Curriculum and the Efficiency of Related Books: Tekirda Case

Keywords: Constructivist approach , teacher , teacher education

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In order to reach the level of developed countries, traditional approach based on behavioral theory left its place to constructivist approach based on cognitive theory. It was detected in different studies that teachers do not have enough information about the practice of constructivist approach and they need in-service education on this issue. Therefore it is quite important to conduct studies about this issue by detecting the requirements. In the study; it was aimed to detect the views of teachers in different branches on the practicability of constructivist approach and the efficiency of teaching materials in the field. The study is of scanning model and was conducted with the participation of 44 teachers from 5 different branches, who have worked in Tekirda in June, 2010. The data of study was collected by using a survey form prepared by researchers and composed of 7 open-ended questions. Content analysis, one of the qualitative analysis methods was used in the analysis of data. According to the results of research, it was detected that the view of teachers on constructivist teaching approach and teaching materials were generally positive; on the contrary, they think there are various deficiencies about both constructivist approach and teaching materials.


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