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Effect of temperature control and high humidity on the preservation of JUFENG grapes

Keywords: grapes , preservation , controlled-temperature-and-high-humidity , maturity degree , out-store test

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The biochemical changes of JUFENG grapes of various degrees of maturity during controlled-temperature-and-high-humidity (CTHH) preservation were analyzed through tests. The rule changes for soluble solids content, reductive sugar, acid content, respiratory quotient (RQ) and resistance to pressure during storage were studied. Methods of removal from storage were tested. In order to ensure the quality and shelf-life of the grapes, a method to remove the grapes from storage in three separate stages after CTHH preservation was adopted.The preservation of the grapes of different maturity degrees under CTHH conditions shows that there was a small change in texture, chemical composition, respiratory quotient, weight and decomposition rate, demonstrating good storage practice. The CTHH technique is a really useful method for preserving freshness.


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