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"El Jueves" – eine Satirezeitschrift für Spanien aus Barcelona ["El Jueves" – a satirical journal for Spain from Barcelona]

Keywords: El Jueves , Le canard encha né , Titanic , magazine of humor and satire , comic strips , stereotypes about Catalans , Spanish humor based on regional stereotypes

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The first part of this contribution focuses on the characteristics of the Barcelona-based magazine of humor and satire, "El Jueves", which was founded in 1977. Compared to its French and German counterparts – "Le canard encha né" and "Titanic" – this Spanish magazine has a particularly high level of visual content in relation to script and also contains the greatest amount of comic strips. The second part discusses the way Catalan nationalism and Catalans in general are portrayed in "El Jueves". Occasionally the magazine resorts to humor based on regional stereotypes but still maintains an equidistant position to both Spanish and Catalan nationalism, in an attempt to deflate the conflicts brought about by the clash of these different nationalistic elements in Spain.


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