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Effect of soil probiotics in the shrimp culture

Keywords: pobiotic , bacteria , P. monodon , growth , culture and shrimp farming

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The role of probiotic bacteria in small culture is studied but commercial level is not that muchreported especially in giant tiger shrimp, P. monodon. Hence the beneficial effect of probiotics on thecommercial culture of Indian major candidate shrimp, P. monodon is studied in a grow out pond. Thefarm is located on the Northern bank of Uppanar estuary in Maravakadu. An effort was made to evaluatethe differences between regular and irregular application of soil probiotics in the P. monodon shrimpfarming. Subsequently the performance of using probiotics frequently and the total average yieldattained was 1900 Kg /0.5ha. With maximum growth increment of 34.70g, survival of 90.31%, achievedat the DOC 130. Level of ammonia found nil for the entire culture period in the regularly probiotics usedponds. Contrarily, in irregular treated ponds the total yield achieved only 1150 Kg /0.5 ha. With themaximum growth of 27.29 g, survival of 70.68% at the DOC 130 respectively. The level of ammoniafound 0.3 mg /L.


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