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Dise o de controladores de tipo proporcional integral derivativo (PID) y difuso para la posición de un motor de corriente continua (DC)

Keywords: PID controllers , intelligent control , servomechanisms.

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The performance of PID and fuzzycontrollers is compared in a commercialdevice normally used in modelairplanes: the S3004 Futaba Servo.The controller circuit, the poweramplifier and the sensor are modified,and then the motor is observed. Next,a root-locus method is used to tunea PID for angular position control.Simulations and control are made inMatlab’s Simulink, and also a dataacquisition card (PCI 6024E) is used.Results are analyzed at the end of thedocument: although the PID controllerworks better, the fuzzy controllershows a similar performance.


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