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Using Short Message Service (SMS) to Support Business Continuit

Keywords: Business Continuity , Short Message Service , Ozeki Message Server , Tasks Automation , SMS Technology.

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Now a day’s many organizations are required to communicate online on a daily basis, 24-hour, seven-days-a-week, to gain the desired competitive advantages and profits; although there are a variety of disruptions that may occur within business application such as broken (off-line) database-links and unhanded database exceptions. Such cases will end the automated business work, and force business users to continue business procedures and functionalities via paper work, which causes additional resources with less business competitive advantages. In this paper, we will propose a new model in which we embed short message services (SMS) within business applications using the SMS Gateway such as "Ozeki Message Server", and programmed application packages. By using our proposed model, we can maintain business continuity when a partial disruption occurs and then switch to our application model. As a result to the experimental work, we conclude that our model supports business continuity since it supports the account balance modification while the database link is disrupted. In addition, we carried out each step twice and the scenario was reliable since all of its steps were reliable.


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