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Desarrollo local y Análisis de Redes Sociales: el valor de las relaciones como factor del desarrollo socioeconómico.

Keywords: Local development , Tourist development , Actor nets , Social network analyses

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During the last years, the model of socioeconomic development has undergone an important transformation, that it has generated the so-called local development. This kind of development is characterized by the importance that the endogenous factors have. We speak of these factors, like basic and essential elements surroundings to which we can articulate actions of adaptations to the demands of the new context. This new model of development based in the local elements like essential factors and in the importance that have the social partners and its interactions to articulate collective proposal of adaptation, have been shown in many theoretic and methodological investigations between that it emphasizes the local productive system. Not long time ago, the tourism has been one of the more suitable instrument to articulate processes of local development, where the social partnes and its interaccions are essential elements. We must configurate analitical models that really allows us to show that exist and association between actor nets and the development level in one site. It`s just that this essay provides, the correlation between the structural features of actor nets and the level of tourist development in the territories.


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