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Preliminary data on edaphic algae in the city of Pite ti (Romania)

Keywords: cyanobacteria , edaphic algae , Cyanobacteria , Ochrophyta , Chlorophyta , Hantzschia amphioxys , Diatoma vulgare , nitrogen capturing species , Pite ti (Romania)

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In order to initiate the inventory of the edaphic algae in the city of Pite ti, soil samples were taken from Expo Park Lumina Park, the trand Park, the bank of the river Arge , Trivale forest, Trivale Park, the BCR Park, Bascov Park, Park in Prundu, Bucharest-Pite ti highway. A total of 27 genus/species were identified, out of which 22% belonging to phylum Cyanobacteria, 67% to phylum Ochrophyta, and 11% to phylum Chlorophyta. The prevalence of the ecobiomorph B was found, in proportion of 68%, which was followed by ecobiomorphs Cf, Ch, N and P, each represented by 7%, and C, represented by 4%. In all samples analyzed the presence was identified of the species Hantzschia amphioxys, alongside Diatoma vulgare, in polluted soils. The presence was also noted of species Cylindrospermum sp., Nostoc sp., Nostoc commune, and nitrogen capturing Nostoc punctiforme. The rate of aridity, that is the ratio of the number of Cyanobacteria and Chlorophyta species, calculated for each sample, had high values of between 1 and 4, which confirms that urban soils are characterized by arid conditions.


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