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Suppression of Mixed Noise in the Similar Images by Using Adaptive LMS L-filters

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In this paper, several adaptive least mean squares (LMS)location-invariant filter (L-filter) modifications will be described.These filters are based on linear combination of order statistics. Theadaptive L-filters are able to adapt well to variety of noiseprobability distribution, including impulsive noise. They also performwell in the case of nonstationary signals and, therefore, they aresuitable for image processing, too. Following this L-filter property,applications of the adaptive LMS L-filters for filteringtwo-dimensional static images degraded by mixed noise consisting ofadditive Gaussian white noise and impulsive noise will be presented inthis paper. Based on conveniently selected experiments intent on imagefiltering, the properties of a several adaptive L-filters modificationswill be demonstrated and compared. It will follow from experimentresults, that the L-filter modification called signal-dependent LMSL-filter yields the best results.


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