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Estimation of Nutritive Indices in Eight Lamiaceae Plants of Manipur

Keywords: Nepetoideae , Lamiaceae , minerals , biochemicals , dietary values

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Eight edible Lamiaceae plants belonging to subfamily Nepetoideae found in Manipur were investigated for their macronutrients and mineral elements. All the estimated parameters were studied on dry weight basis. Available carbohydrates, total soluble protein, total amino acid content and minerals were estimated. All the selected plants recorded different amount of biochemical compounds and minerals. Total soluble sugar, reducing sugar and non reducing sugar ranged from 2.55 to 10.90, 0.40-1.68 and 0.33-9.38 mg g-1 while total amino acid, crude protein and total soluble protein ranged 1.90-8.63, 157.50-43.74 and 31.60-17.60 mg g-1, respectively. These plants were also found to have significant quantity of minerals. E. blanda and O. americanum recorded higher values in K (27.25 mg g-1) and N (25.20 mg g-1). Higher concentrations of Fe (2.56 mg g-1) and Mn (0.15 mg g-1) were recorded in E. communis (white flower) while higher values of P (5.25 mg g-1) and Zn (0.28 mg g-1) were observed in E. stachyodes. Among the plants studied, O. basilicum revealed to contain higher values in 3 elements-Mg (7.33 mg g-1), S (1.27 mg g-1) and Ca (7.64 mg g-1), respectively. The present study will provide information on dietary values of these eight selected herbs of Lamiaceae commonly utilized by Manipuris.


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