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Keywords: Anxiety in Adolescents , Socio –Economic Status , Anxiety and psychological.

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To study the role of Socio-Economic factors in increasing anxiety level of adolescents, a study was conducted among the adolescents of Nanded district With an Objective – “To study the Role of Socio-Economic Factors of Family in Arousing Anxiety of Adolescents.” Sample was selected by Stratified Random Sampling method among 265 girls and 262 boys from 16 to 18 years age group belonging to three income groups. Assessment of anxiety level in adolescents was carried out with the help I.P.A.T. Anxiety scale, by Samuel.E.Krug. For the convenience of adolescents Hindi version of this test was used revised by Dr.S.D.Kapoor. The obtained data was examined with the help of scoring key and was statistically co-related with socio-economic factors of adolescents. Results indicate that, 1)Family income was significantly co-related with 5% level in boys with apprehension (0.249**) and tension (0.256**) and with 1% level with same norms i.e. apprehension (0511*) and tension (0.521*) in girls.2) Family income was also significantly co-related with low self control in boys (0274*) and girls (0.277*) with1% level.3) Specially in boys it was found that father's education was significantly co-related with apprehension (0.255*) at 1% level.4) When anxiety norms of both girls and boys were studied through the test of variance i.e. one way ANOVA no significant difference was found. Scores for the norms like emotional instability, apprehension and tension were found with more percent in boys than girls. Whereas scores of indirect factors related to anxiety were found more in girls along with low self control and suspicion.


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