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Reconstruction of the columella and the tip of the nose with an island-shaped forehead flap

DOI: 10.2298/vsp1103277v

Keywords: skin neoplasms , reconstructive surgical procedures , nose neoplasms , treatment outcome

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Background. Posttraumatic and postoperative defects of columella and the tip of the nose are difficult to reconstruct. There are several operative methods described in the literature, and many of them are step-by-step procedures with long duration. The aim of this study was to present one-step procedure for reconstruction of the columella and the tip of the nose with island-shaped arterial forehead flap. Case report. A 45-year old man was submitted to surgical excision of basocellular skin cancer. After the excision, a defect of the columella and tip of the nose the remained, 3 × 2.5 cm in dimensions, with exposed alar cartilages. During the same operation, the defect was covered with an island-shaped arterial forehead flap. Postoperative one-year course was uneventful, without signs of tumor recurrence after one year, and further surgical corrections were unnecessary. Conclusion. Considering the results of our operative technique, we believe that middle island-shaped forehead flap is suitable for reconstruction of the columella and the tip of the nose, due to the following reasons: safe vascularization of flap, similarity of the transferred tissue with the excised one, the procedure is completed in one step, simple surgical technique and uncomplicated healing of a flap-harvesting site.


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