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F-Wave Parameters of Normal Ulnar and Median Nerves

Keywords: F waves normal parameters , Ulnar nerve , Median nerve

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Twenty healthy volunteers (17 males) aged 19–46 years(Mean 28±6.8) without any history of previous numbnessand pain in the hands or any other neurological disorderwere included in this study. The normal median nerve Fwaveparameters studied were: minimum latency24.8±1.7 ms; maximum latency 29.8±2.8 ms; meanlatency 26.8±1.4 ms; chronodispersion 5±2.8 ms; FMratio 2±1, manual and computerized persistence mode10. Persistence varied from 4 (40%) to 10 (100%)measured both manually and by computer.The normal ulnar nerve F-wave parameters studied were:minimum latency 24.5±1.7 ms; maximum latency28.2±1.8ms; mean latency 26.2±1.7 ms; chronodispersion3.6±1.4 ms; FM ratio 3±5.2, persistence (mode) 10.Persistence varied from 5 (50%) to 10 (100%) measuredboth manually and by computer.In both the median and ulnar nerves, difference betweenthe right and the left F-waves parameters values wereinsignificant. There was significant difference betweenmedian and ulnar nerve F-waves maximal latency,chronodispersion and mean latency ( t=3.28; p<0.05:t=2.92; p<0.05: t=2.42; p<0.05 respectively).In conclusion, it was observed that there was increasedmedian and ulnar nerves F-wave chronodispersions andsignificant difference was found between median andulnar nerves’ F-wave maximal latency, chronodispersionand mean latency in comparison to the previous studies.


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