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Design & Development of Lower Extremity Paediatric Prosthesis, a Requirement in Developing Countries

Keywords: BK prosthesis , Biomechanic , Adjustable Prosthesis

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There are more than 10 million physically handicapped people in India. A majority of them belong to poorstrata of the society. In the present condition prosthetic fitment centers are not sufficient to deal with suchlarge amputee population. Children are mostly victim of society in low per capita income country in general.Children with congenital amputation, loss of limb with street accidents/trauma, frost bite etc need specialattention for the prosthetic fitment. More than 80% of major amputations of the lower extremity are attributedto peripheral vascular disease1. About 10 percent of congenital anomalies are treated as, or require,amputation2. As children are in the growing age, the prosthetic device is required to be changed frequently.This accelerated rehabilitation greatly reduced the overall cost of the patient’s care and returned them tofull function much faster3. The major constraint in frequent change of prosthetic device in developing countryis lack of sufficient number of prosthetic fitment center, skilled prosthetists, paediatric prosthetic kits andlow income group of amputee. To face this challenge we have designed a low cost Paediatric prosthetic


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