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Dynamic Evaluation of the Venous Pressure During Passive Plantar Flexion and Dorsiflexion Exercises with the RAGodoy Apparatus

Keywords: Dynamic venous pressure , Passive exercises , RAGodoy

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Objective: The objective of this case report was to dynamically evaluate pressure changes during passiveexercises using a device that performs plantar flexion and dorsiflexion.Design and setting: The medial vein of the left hallux was punctured using a 0.9 mm x 25 mm angiocatcatheter and this was connected to a DTX Plus TM sensor. With this portable apparatus, pressure variationsare measured at half-second intervals and the data stored in a numerical form. The RAGodoy apparatuswas used to perform passive exercises that stretched and bent the ankle joint.Six evaluations were made and the minimum and maximum pressures during each session were assessed.Main outcome measures and results: In all the sessions, variations in the pressures were obtained with aminimum pressure of 8 mmHg and a maximum of 77 mmHg.Conclusion: The device, named the RAGodoy , creates pressure variations in the venous system, whichassist blood flow in the lower limbs and thus it can be used to avoid venous stasis.


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