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Effect of Play and Exposure on Development of Children with Intellectual Disabilities through Community Based Rehabilitation

Keywords: Community Based Rehabilitation , Intellectual Disability , Mainstreaming , Play and Exposure

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This paper studies the effect of play and exposure on thedevelopment of children with intellectual disabilitiesthrough community Based Rehabilitation in theimpoverished, tribal population of Madhya Pradesh state,India. In study, 23 children (male -13 & Female - 10)ranging from mild to profound disability, were selectedfrom seven villages of Thikari block of Barwani district.Parents and community based rehabilitation workers(CBRWs) worked rigorously with these children for oneyear. Children were exposed to play and participation inhousehold activities under the guidance of a professionaltherapist. The goal was to mainstream these children atplay and in the home. Before starting intervention, bothgroups (CBRWs and parents) were provided training atAshagram Trust Center. A Likert scale was applied preand post intervention to record progress on thedevelopment of children. A standard test VSMS alsoadministered on 10 randomly selected children to verifyLikert scale progress. Obtained pre and post scores ofLikert scale and VSMS test were analyzed in conclusion.


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