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Resorption of a Sequestrated Cervical Disc

Keywords: Conservative treatment , Cervical disc sequestration , Magnetic resonance imaging

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In literature cervical disc extrusions are considered bymost neurosurgeons a definitive indication for surgery.This approach may stem from a fear of disc fragmentmigration with neurological deterioration. We report arare case of cervical disc sequestration with a seldomprognosis which resolved spontaneously in a 2 monthfollow up on magnetic resonance imaging, emphasizingthe efficacy and applicability of conservative treatmentin cervical disc herniations. Even with the basicconservative treatment methods we observed theprominent decrease in symptoms and spontaneous totalresorption of the sequestrated fragment. Conservativetreatment in sequestrated cervical discs with noneurological deficit can be an alternative therapeuticapproach with the guidence of MRI.


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