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Mljekarstvo  2002 

The influence of ripening process on trapist cheese abatement

Keywords: cheese abatement , cheese ripening , cheese rind , cheese ripening in plastic film/pouch , cheese yield , protective coating

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In this paper the influence of ripening process on Trapist cheeseabatement, taken into account on cheese yield calculation, was investigated. Three different ripening processes were investigated: ripening process with rind washing and without protecting coating application, ripening process with protecting coating application and cheese ripening in plastic shrinkable pouch. The highest abatement was found in the case of cheese ripening on traditional way i.e. without protecting coating applied and with rind washing during ripening period. Slightly lower abatement value showed cheeses with protecting coating applied, while the negligible abatement was noticed in cheese packaged into a pouch. The highest abatement values were noticed during the first 10 days of cheese ripening process with and without protective coating applied. After that time the steady state of abatement value was reached. In this case slightly higher values were obtained in the case of cheeses with protective coating. It is evident that the highest influence on abatement value is during the first phase of Trapist cheese ripening process.


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