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The incidence of academic administration of student professional training in the Master′s Family Systemic Therapy program at the Salesian Polytechnic University

Keywords: Academic management , vocational training , teaching , research , learning to learn , metacognition.

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The purpose of this paper is to present the results of research on the incidence of Academic Management in Vocational Training for students of the Master in Systemic Family Therapy in Salesian Polytechnic University. It contextualizes this training program in the entire university and raises various problems in academic management regarding the functions of teaching, research, resource management and links with society and its relation to certain aspects weakened vocational training, essentially, the admission of students and teachers, developing lines of research, monitoring graduates and the dissemination of results. Then, it defined and analyzed theoretically both academic management and vocational training. Third, it develops the methodological aspects of the research that is correlational. The collected data are presented in tables that allow quick visualization of results and help to check the influence of management on vocational training to test the hypothesis by Chi square test. The information obtained, finally, allows characterizing academic management and describing vocational training of the master.


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