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Does CCR5 gene-D32 deletion protect C.trachomatis infected Indian women from tubal pathology?

DOI: 10.4081/mr.2011.e5

Keywords: CCR5 , Chlamydia , Tubal Infertility

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Deletion in chemokine receptor CCR5 gene is reported to prevent development of tubal pathology among Dutch Caucasian C. trachomatis infected women. Hence, a pilot study was undertaken, to evaluate the involvement of CCR5 gene in tubal pathology among Indian women with or without Chlamydia infection. Three hundred women with or without Chlamydia infection and with different reproductive manifestations were screened for CCR5 gene using a standardized PCR. Only 6 C. trachomatis infected women without tubal block had heterozygous deletion for this gene. The rest had wild type CCR5 gene, that includes fertile women infected and non infected; infertile women infected and non infected with and without tubal block as well as infected women with history of recurrent spontaneous abortions. The study indicates no role of heterozygous CCR5 D32 gene deletion in prevention of tubal pathology in Chlamydia infected Indian women. Only 2% heterozygous deletion in CCR5 gene is observed in the studied population.


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