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Influence of diet supplementation with Saccharomyces cerevisiae on intake and nutrient utilization in Graded Murrah buffaloes

Keywords: Yeast culture , DMI , Nutrient utilization

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A feeding trial was conducted in graded Murrah buffaloes to study the influence of yeast culture (Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-1077 strain) supplementation on intake and nutrient utilization. 12 graded Murrah buffaloes with an average body weight of 465.4 ± 20.92 kg were randomly divided into two groups (Control and treatment) of 6 animals each. Animals in both the groups received a basal diet comprising of roughages and concentrates separately to meet the maintenance and production requirements (ICAR, 1998). In addition, the animals in treatment group received yeast culture @ 0.5 g/animal/day. The average DMI of buffaloes during the digestion trial was 114.31 and 119.24 g/kg W0.75 respectively, in control and treatment groups. The digestibility coefficients of gross nutrients and fibre fractions showed non-significant differences between the control and treatment groups, though the values were found to be comparatively higher in the yeast supplemented group. The DCP and TDN contents were observed to be 8.03 and 53.06 per cent in control group and 8.15 and 54.06 per cent in treatment groups, respectively. It can be concluded that yeast culture did not show any significant positive effect on nutrient utilization in graded Murrah buffaloes. [Veterinary World 2011; 4(1.000): 22-24]


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