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Role of candidate genes in regulation of embryonic survival and maternal recognition of pregnancy in farm animals

DOI: 10.5455/vetworld.2013.280-284

Keywords: AKR1B5 , ghrelin , interferan tau , maternal recognition of pregnancy , SERPINA14

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Successful growth and development of the post-hatching blastocyst and pregnancy establishment are results of the interaction between a competent embryo and a receptive uterine environment. There are certain marker gene transcripts identified which contribute and regulate the bidirectional channel of communication during the pregnancy period in farm animals. The changes in temporal gene expression in the endometrium are similar in pregnant and cyclic animals up to the time of maternal recognition of pregnancy (MRP) when conceptus derived factors affect expression of a large number of genes in pregnant animals. In this review we have discussed a set of candidate genes expressed or induced for MRP. There are certain genes playing important role in MRP in farm animals, of which interferon-tau (IFNT), Ubiquitin Cross Reative Protein (UCRP), Ghrelin, Aldoketoreductase-1B5 (AKR1B5), SERPINA14 are having esteemed role in farm animals. These genes appear to have role in successful establishment of pregnancy and expression of the cascade of signalling molecules. However, IFNT was recognized as one of the earliest expressing gene specifically required for maintenance of pregnancy. [Vet World 2013; 6(5.000): 280-284]


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