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The effect of anisometropia on binocular visual function.

Keywords: Adult , Anisometropia , complications , physiopathology , Astigmatism , complications , Depth Perception , Humans , Vision , Binocular , Visual Acuity

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PURPOSE: To investigate the effects of anisometropia on binocular vision. METHODS: One to three dioptres of unilateral hyperopia, myopia or astigmatism was induced in 30 normal adults. The effect on binocularity was assessed with the Worth-four dot test, Titmus stereo test and Bagolini′s lenses. RESULTS: Binocular vision deteriorated with increasing anisometropia. Spherical anisometropia was more deleterious than astigmatic anisometropia. CONCLUSION: In addition to amblyopia, the potential effect of anisometropia on binocular vision should be considered while prescribing spectacles in young children during the sensitive period.


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