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Agreeableness scale- short version: item selection and psychometric properties / Escala fatorial de socializa o- vers o reduzida: sele o de itens e propriedades psicométricas

Keywords: Personality , Psychological assessment , Item response theory , Psychometrics , Personality measures

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This study aimed at selecting items from the Agreeableness Factor Scale for obtaining a short version of this test that could keep adequate psychometric properties. One thousand one hundred participants composed the sample. Items were selected using a qualitative strategy, which focused on item content that was not related to clinical descriptions and a quantitative analysis based on Rasch's model. The scale was reduced from 70 to 28 items, based on these criteria. In order to check the psychometric properties of the short version, both versions were compared by Rasch indices and by reanalyzing validity studies conducted with the original scale. The short version kept good psychometric properties, which suggests the possibility of using it when there is time restriction.


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